Tagliatelle or Fettuccine 

with Bolognese Sauce 

Pasta all’uovo con Ragu’- Tagliarini cu Capuliatu 

Fettuccine are egg noodles cut in narrow strips about 3/8 inch wide.  

The Bolognese-meat sauce is a sauce that couples very well with fettuccine or tagliatelle. 

Patience is the main ingredient to make a good Bolognese sauce; and in fact, it takes at least 3 hours to prepare it. Cook and slowly simmer the sauce to blend the savor of the vegetable with the meat in order to create a thick and delicious Bolognese, rich with taste and flavors for you, your family and for your guests to enjoy. 

The classic pasta for this ragu’ sauce is egg noodles fettuccine or tagliatelle, however use any type of long or short pasta. 

The tagliatelle with meat sauce, originally made in Emilia-Romagna is now a preferred and popular dish all over Italy.  

Tagliatelle Bolognese 

Serves 4/5 


·   2 tablespoons of olive oil 

·   1 medium onion chopped finely 

·   1 stalk of celery chopped finely 

·   1 slender carrot chopped finely 

·   2 lb. ground beef 

·   1 can 5 oz. tomato paste, diluted into 5 oz. water 

·   2 cups Italian peeled tomatoes, strained 

·   1 bay leaf 

·   1 piece of lemon peel 

·   Salt and pepper to taste 

·   1 lb. egg noodles or any type of pasta 

·   ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese 



The Sauce 

Over medium-high heat, in a 6-quart heavy saucepot combine the olive oil, the onions, celery and carrot: cook for about 15 minutes until il battuto, the vegetables are light golden in color. This combination of vegetable in French is called “mirepoix”.
Add the ground beef, stirring continuously until it begins to brown, use a wooden spoon to mash any clumps of meat.
Add tomato paste diluted into 5 oz. water (use the can as measuring cup), stir it into the meat a little at a time. Cook it a few minutes, add the strained tomato, bay leaf, lemon peel, salt, and pepper to taste.
Sauce should be a little watery, if necessary add some water to cover the meat.
Heat to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 1½ hours, stirring occasionally.
The Bolognese sauce is ready when a layer of the oily part, that enhances the taste of this sauce, floats to the top.
Let it rest a few minutes and then skim off any excess oil. 



The Tagliatelle or Fettuccine 

Cook pasta according to package directions, reducing the recommended time by 1 minute. Drain pasta well and put back in pot. Toss in 1 cup of the meat-tomato sauce and on a low heat, delicately mix it well until the pasta and sauce are well combined. Turn off the heat and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. 

The Serving 

Put the pasta into serving bowls, add some Bolognese sauce on top, garnish with grated cheese and serve immediately with remaining Parmesan cheese on the side.