Ricotta Parfait  

Bicchieri con Ricotta, Frutta e Biscotti 

Dolce da Cucchiaio. 


This type of delightful dessert is well accepted to conclude a dinner or enjoy it on a cold afternoon with a foamy and steaming cappuccino. 

Although simple to make, it is complex in aroma and taste.


It is made by three components. 

The smooth ricotta cream delicately aromatized with the orange zest and cinnamon. 

The sponge cake layered on top of the syrup and covered with ricotta cream that absorb its sweet taste and the flavor of the garden-fresh fruits.    

The fruits puree, which is one of the most important components, has to be pleasant to the palate, not too sweet or too tart. It is sweetened with honey which can be replaced with sugar or with sugar substitute. To your discretion add some Marsala wine or some of your preferred liquor to further enhance the taste of the puree.   

Ripe fruits in season, berries, cherries, peaches, prickly pears can be utilized to make this sauce. 


Once you have all the ingredients ready, it should be very easy to make the bicchieri con frutta e ricotta. 

This dessert is prepared in transparent glasses, in your chosen shape and served with a spoon, hence the name “dolce da cucchiaio”, spoon (served) dessert.  



Serves 6   


The Fruit 

·  1 lb fruit in season. Wash and shake off water. 

·  ½ lemon (juice)  

·  4 tablespoons of honey 

·  3 teaspoons of Marsala, coffee or your preferred liquor (optional) 


The Ricotta 

·  1 lb ricotta  

·  ½ cup sugar 

·  zest of ½ orange 

·  1 pinch of Cinnamon  

Other Essential  

·  sponge cake (store bought)cut and diced about ½ inch thick 

To Garnish 

·  Shavings of dark chocolate or chocolate chips  

·  6 candied or maraschino cherries for garnish  




The Fruits
Place fruits into a food processor or a blender, and pulse to puree. Strain through a mesh sieve, set over a bowl and rub it through with a spoon. Discard solids, add lemon juice and honey and keep refrigerated until ready to use. The fruit puree can be prepared a day ahead. 


The Ricotta Cream
Place in a bowl the ricotta and sugar and mix until it is smooth and creamy; add and blend in the orange zest and cinnamon. Set on the side. 


The Sponge Cake 

Cut the sponge cake into ½ inch slices and cube it; it can be substituted with savoiardi biscuits, lady fingers or any other kind of cookies. 


The Assembly 

Equally divide the fruit puree into 6 glasses and top with 2 teaspoons of ricotta cream; cover with diced sponge cake and in each glass spread on top 1 full tablespoon of ricotta cream.  

Put a second layer of sponge cake and cover with the remaining ricotta, equally divided.  


Keep refrigerated for a few hours to allow the various flavors to blend. 


Before serving, garnish each glass with shavings of dark chocolate or with chocolate chips and top with a cherry.