The Province of Enna   

The city of Enna accounts for about 30,000 inhabitants and is located on the summit of a mountain in the chain of the Erei Mountains. Enna is called “the navel” of Sicily because it is situated in the center of the island. The town is one of the most ancient settlements established in Sicily and the origins are estimated before the twelfth century BC. The abundance of water makes the area an important agricultural marketplace. Sulfur is mined in the province. 


The town of Enna has had its name changed a few times. Originally Henna, meaning in Aeolian to live inside, it was renamed by the Romans to Castrum Hennae, Castle of Enna.
During the Saracens’ domination, it was called Qusr Yani, palace or castle of Yani, then changed to Karslanna and distorted  by the population  in Castro Giovanni, John’s Castle.
In 1927, Mussolini changed the name to Enna.  

Pasta, lamb, sausage, and a large assortment of vegetables distinguish the local cooking.
Cavatelli con salsa, gnocchi made with semolina, served with a ragout of pork, tomato and herbs is among the favorites.
Pasta milanisi is cooked with wild fennel and served with a sauce of anchovies, garlic and toasted breadcrumbs. 

Lamb and kid are grilled or baked, and salsicce con finocchio, zesty sausages with fennel are served with fresh or dry fava beans.
Trippa is first boiled, sautéed with onions, then baked with eggplants, meat sauce and cheese.
Torta Povera is a sort of bread pudding, made with bread, milk, honey, nuts, raisins, butter and eggs. 

Sfingi di patate is a fried ring-shaped cookie made with a mixture of potatoes, flour and eggs and flavored with cinnamon, orange and lemon.