Nuts and Spices Rosolii  

The nuts or seeds and/or spices rosolio is made by infusing the nuts and spices from 7to 14 days and then following the same procedures common in the preparation of rosolio.
Most of the time nuts and spices are used in combination, especially the vanilla bean which is present in almost every rosolio.
If you do not live in a rural area it will be difficult to prepare Nocino Rosolio, which is as popular in
Sicily as it is in Modena and other parts of Italy
. Nocino is made from an infusion of fresh unripe walnuts in their green husk split in half and steeped in alcohol with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla bean and zest of orange; other flavors can be easily prepared with ingredients readily available. Cinnamon, almond, pistachio, filbert, cashew, chestnut, cacao, coconut, ginger, juniper, coffee, vanilla bean, clove, nutmeg, mace, coriander, fennel seed, saffron and many other nuts or spices are very common, easy to find and utilized to prepare delicious rosoli.
Use you fantasy to experiment with your favorite nuts, spices or flavors by combining them to propose your personal rosolio with a new and different taste.


Fruits and Seed:  

Anisette Rosolio  

Limoncello Rosolio  

Coffee Rosolio  

Almond Rosolio  


Herbs and Extracts:  

Mint Rosolio  

My Mother’s Rosolio  


Spices and Specialties:  

Cinnamon Rosolio  

Bitter- Rosolio Amaro