The region of Liguriais famous in the cooking planet for Pesto alla Genovese and Genoa Salami. Liguria also produces incomparable dishes like no other place: the Ciupin a fish soup, made with as many different kinds of fish but cooked with few ingredients, garlic, parsley and wine to emphasize the taste of the fish, it is served in two dishes one with the fish and one with the broth to dunk in the bread; it is also prepared at the Fisherman Wharf, in San Francisco, called Cioppino, where they also add onions, tomato and the omni present oregano.
Stockfish, baccala’, and swordfish, tuna and the fresh fish available in the region are cooked in many ways. Among the many meat dishes, Vitello alla Genovese, veal in white wine sauce, Tomaxelle veal stuffed with chopped veal, pine nuts, and cheese, or tripe Genovese with pine nuts, dry mushrooms, tomato and assorted vegetables; also stewed rabbit in umido is a popular dish. The fresh local vegetables are consumed in large quantities.
The frugal Panissa or Farinata a polenta like dish made with chickpea flour, like the panelle, and served with oil and lemon, or it is cut in pieces and baked with onions, mushrooms and cheese. Other specialties are the many types of Focacce, similar to pizza, the classic Genovese plain with olive oil, or covered with a few anchovy fillets, onions and black olives or the Fugassa which is made with corn flour. The Torta Pasqualina is a salted cake made with puff pasty dough and stuffed with herbs, ricotta and eggs; it is made for Easter and all year around.