Home-made Sfingi - 

Basic Recipe 

The home-made sfingi are less frequently made than in the old days, when packed desserts were not as easily available as today in grocery stores and supermarkets, where a large and diverse assortment types of cakes and cookies are offered to the public. Still, because of the easiness of the preparation, this basic recipe for sfingi is very much liked and prepared by many housewives. 

The zeppole served in pizzerie and street festivals are made with similar dough and dunked in granulated sugar.  


Makes 15 to 20 Sfingi  





·        1 lb flour 

·        1 teaspoon sugar 

·        1 oz of active dry yeast diluted in 4 cups of warm water (slightly warmer than lukewarm) 

·        4 teaspoons of salt 

·        Canola oil for fying 





Dissolve and blend well in the water, the yeast, sugar and salt: wait 10 minutes to check if the yeast is active and healthy. If it foams the yeast is active.   


Add the flour and mix until soft dough is obtained. If mixture is too wet add a small amount of flour, a little at the time; it should be smooth, without lumps and of a thicker consistency than a batter for frying.  

Cover and set aside in a warm place until it almost doubles its size, 1 to 2 hours.  


Deep fry at 375 degrees, dropping the mixture a few spoons at a time, without crowding the fryer.  To deposit the fritters in the oil use the help of another spoon. Deep fry the fritters until golden.  Transfer to drain in a dish covered with paper towels.
Sprinkle with granulated sugar. Serve hot or at room temperature.