Etna Rosso Wine  

Etna Rosso is a wine produced in the slopes of Mount Etna- the mountain also known as Mungibeddu- and in the plane of Catania; the Etna Rosso is a blend of Nerello Cappuccio, which mostly grows in then North- Eastern side of the slopes of the Mount Etna, and Nerello Mascalese, the grapes that originate and grow around Mascali, a village located between Catania and Taormina. Etna Rosso is characterized by the method of fermentation monolithic which is used in the production of most of this wine. This technique gives the possibility to achieve a hearty wine with soft accents of acidity and with unique and delicate aromas, making it an ideal wine to pair with strong tasting cheeses, hearty sauces, stews, sausages or grilled meats.

Etna Rosso is noted for its rich flavor of dry fruits and spices accompanied by a palate of ripe red fruits, chocolate and leather. This red- ruby wine is balanced with soft tannin for structure and it is distinguished for its mild acidity. It is an elegant wine, full bodied and pleasantly tasting; an ideal choice with grilled or braised meats, great with lamb or to be enjoyed with aged cheeses, pasta with rich meat sauces or pork.

 Rosso dell'Etna