Potato Croquettes

(“Crocche’ di Patate” – “Cazzilli”)

In choosing the potatoes to make croquettes, when possible purchase new potatoes.

Long Island’s farms are producers of potatoes that are excellent to make croquettes. They are harvested between June and September; new potatoes, coming from various parts of the U.S.A., are available all year.

When recently harvested potatoes are used or potatoes that have not been stored in refrigerators, they can be fried without rolling them in breadcrumbs and they have a better taste and a nicer look.

In fact if the potatoes are too old or have been in cold temperature, it causes the starch to transform into sugar and the croquettes will turn dark when fried and will not cook properly.






Serves 4 to 6


In salted water, boil 2 pounds of potatoes with skin on, until tender. (At Joe’s Focacceria, we used Long Island potatoes)
Peel and mash with ricer. Add salt, pepper to taste, and some parsley finely chopped.
Blend the ingredients, to obtain a homogenized mixture. 
To make croquettes, wet hands in oil, pick up a small amount of mixture, make a small ball and shape it into the form of a finger. 
To fry the croquettes, use a dip pan, pouring enough oil to cover croquettes (at least 2 inches deep). Fry croquettes at 375 – 400 degrees, until golden brown.
If you have a problem in frying them, dip croquettes in beaten eggs than drop them into breadcrumbs and fry potato croquettes as above.
In Eastern Sicily, the croquettes are dipped into beaten egg whites and breadcrumbs, before frying.

You can add grated cheese and or eggs.