Cinnamon Rosolio  

Rosolio alla Cannella 

Cinnamon, this exotic spice used as a body fragrance by the Romans, was also appreciated for the sweet flavor and for its bittersweet taste.  

Recent studies have revealed that cinnamon is beneficial to our health as a digestive drink in addition to help control blood glucose and to inhibit some types of cancer.  

Cinnamon is commonly used in traditional Sicilian food preparation, in baking, and in my teens it was often present in my afternoon snack consisting of buttered soft fresh bread covered with a mix of sugar and ground cinnamon: it was delicious!...  

Cinnamon is also the base for the Rosolio alla Cannella, a sophisticated golden yellow colored liquor served to the ladies, in fashionable drawing rooms since the Middle Age.  

Cinnamon rosolio has a vibrant fragrance, a soothing and pleasant taste that can enhance a serving of ice cream or to conclude an opulent dinner.  

Makes About 2 Fifths 


zest of 1 orange
• 3 cinnamon sticks
• 3 pinches of ground mace pinch
• 1 qt. 100 proof vodka
• 2 cups of sugar (1 lb.)
• 2 cups of water


The Infusion  

Use a knife to coarsely chop the cinnamon.

In a large and airtight jar mix into the vodka, the cinnamon, mace and orange zest: seal and marinade for 10 days. Place the jar in a cool place and shake it occasionally. To give color add a pinch of saffron or a drop of yellow food color.

The Syrup 

When the infusion is ready prepare the syrup. In a saucepan, over a medium heat, combine and mix the sugar and the water; keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Lower the heat and simmer the syrup for 15 minutes, without boiling it. Set aside to cool.

The Cinnamon Rosolio 

Use a sieve to strain the infusion through and discard the cinnamon and any residue. 

Combine the cooled syrup with the infusion, seal the jar and let it sit for a few days.

Filter the rosolio using a paper filter or a piece of cotton cloth or a few layers of cheese cloth, bottle and seal the rosolio: it will be ready to use in about three weeks.


Cinnamon Rosolio